Friday, June 5 2020

Never Miss a Notification in MATE Desktop

If using MATE Dekstop don't have indicator for unread notification like Cinnamon Dekstop. But if install Ayatana Indicator for viewing recent notifications with one click, you can see and action them.

Example how to install support for Mate & Ayatana Indicator:

apt install mate-indicator-applet ayatana-indicator-notifications

Now go on panel and right click, then click on Add to Panel, select "Indicator Applet" and for finish click on Add button.

On panel now we have new icon ( in my case on left side first icon):

And that is all.

Now we can test how work, open System->Control Panel->Popup Notification and press button Preview and test notification will show as we expected:

Now if better look, our indicator for notification now is green and now click on green icon:

We see text of test, time, date and name of application.

Enjoy and no more miss notification on MATE Daesktop.



Thursday, May 28 2020

Package update indicator

I favorite MATE Desktop Environment on my Debian Buster. Work very stable and look like Gnome2 (nostalgia).

All my need got in package mate-desktop-environment-extras but missing information when come new update.

On my luck we have package-update-indicator.

Simple proces of installation:

apt-get install package-update-indicator

After installation of packages simple reboot PC and click on new icon on Systray:

Now select refresh cache in my case I select daily and under command for installing updates add /usr/bin/gpk-update-viewer :

And that is all, when come new version of package icon will be changed, then simple click on icon and select "Install updates":

Then review packages for update and click on "Install Updates"

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