Last stable version of Nextcloud server is 11.0.3 , this version brings lots improvements. If using my Debian Repository I update packages and all is ready for upgrade on last stable version(example how to upgrade).

Enjoy in great Nextcloud !!!


Screenshot after upgrade:


Changelogs (Source:

  • Use the correct principal for shared addressbooks (server/3608)
  • Fix saving backup codes by using a correct data uri (server/3652)
  • Update icewind/streams to 0.5.2 (server/32931)
  • Fix string comparison and return docs (server/3665)
  • Typecast shared mount's storage_id to int as documented + some refactor to avoid similar bugs (server/3658)
  • Use a proper date format for transfer ownership (server/3700)
  • DAV sharing permissions should not depend on the order (server/3722)
  • Add new user agent of windows 10 dav backend (server/37641)
  • Add back appstoreenabled config switch (server/37671)
  • Call right function after sudo mode (server/3820)
  • Dont allow empty wildcard search (server/3842)
  • Remove single quotes around search query like in user search (server/3849)
  • Fix mimetype detection on public uploads for the workflow engine (server/3765)
  • Fix branding and show Nextcloud (server/39691)
  • Fix reshare with user activity message (server/39812)
  • Create correct VCard and return correct error codes (server/4029)
  • Prevent migration from ownCloud 10 to Nextcloud 11 (server/34151)
  • Make sure transparency is an integer when saving a calendar (server/4167)
  • Make public links work with master key (server/42071)
  • Don't try to render the avatars if avatars are disabled (server/4214)
  • Reduce error message text (server/42281)
  • Don't list on public calendar endpoints (server/4229)
  • Fix upload of folders in Chrome (server/4154)
  • Make sure blob columns are correctly converted as parameters (server/4233)
  • Save the scope of an auth token in the session (server/4225)
  • Take share by mail into consideration if we calculate the access list (server/4242)
  • Also add the root of external storages to the file id list (server/4237)
  • Fix LDAP description (server/42382)
  • Remove the double password confirmation on changing cron (server/4236)
  • Fix scheduling plugin on legacy caldav endpoint (server/4235)
  • Directly fix invalid values of DTEND and DTSTART (server/4234)
  • Make JobList::next() lock free (server/4254)
  • Don't remove owner property for public calendars (server/4272)
  • Add capabilities for share by mail (server/42511)
  • Dont use the permissions mask while scanning (server/4278)
  • Add missing maintenance plugin to new DAV endpoint (server/4290)
  • Fix bug with shared_by for own calendars if shared (server/4301)
  • Translation string corrected > 1 user (server/4377)
  • Fix activities for "Files drop" on external storages (activity/118)