I update nextcloud server package from 12.0.4 to 12.0.5 for Debian Jessie and Stretch.

Update proces is same as before, check on link.


Nextcloud 12.0.5 delivers a lot of changes in various areas including:


Many fixes were merged, the most important ones include:

  • #7144 Unlock files even if an exception occurs
  • #7322 Set primary action button color to same as theming color
  • #7323 Use the correct root for shared jail when the source storage is also a jail
  • #7353 Fix translation of federation scope menu
  • #7362 Allow to skip data dir permission checks
  • #7407 Check if owner of share exists
  • #7409 Add retry wrapper when reading files from swift
  • #7451 Fix constructor spy in unit test with Sinon 4.1.3
  • #7455 Remove wrong entry in admin_settings that causes 500
  • #7456 CardDAV convertor check should not be to wide
  • #7457 Fix loading icon position in the app menu
  • #7464 Allow getting the filepath when getting cached mounts
  • #7468 Allow 'Nextcloud' in the user agent string of Android
  • #7558 Fix email buttons for white theme
  • #7567 Respect sharing options when searching for Sharees
  • #7568 Fix duplicate session token after remembered login
  • #7577 Check userExists later, saves lookups for appData_INSTANCEID userids
  • #7672 Added additional methods for removal of sensitive info
  • #7688 Fix scss webroot and url rewrite
  • #7717 Throw ServerNotAvailableException when LDAP is caught shutting down
  • #7666 Fix drag shadow not visible when dragging a file on a narrow screen
  • #7674 Do no run SyncJob in cron
  • #7684 Fix inverted app icons on IE11
  • #7694 Don't attempt to translate login names to uids when uids are provided
  • #7708 Don't show recurring msg when pages result was turned off
  • #7742 Hide favourite icon in details view if favourite action is not available
  • #7745 Don't lie about preview types
  • #7747 Update of composer
  • #7758 add option to use legacy v2 auth with s3
  • #7759 Use correct L10N files for jsconfig
  • #7757 Wait for the shared link to be set in the acceptance tests
  • gallery/#349 Fix date picker not visible in slideshow sharing dialog
  • activity/#229 Properly construct path of root on file rename
  • #7770 Fix SCSS processing when undoing theming values
  • #7774 Update icewind/smb to 2.0.3
  • #7777 Set height for sidebar icons
  • #7779 Improve zip support
  • #7786 Return correct mount type for federated shares
  • #7792 Fix empty details view after renaming a file
  • #7817 Fix preview when theming changes invertion of icons
  • #7821 Log full exception in cron instead of only the message
  • #7888 Keep all shipped apps enabled because they should be okay
  • #7962 update icewind/smb to 2.0.4