I update nextcloud server package from 12.0.5 to 13.0.0 for Debian Jessie and Stretch.

Update proces is same as before, check on link.


Over 1100 changes were merged in the server, with many hundreds more in existing or new apps. The main improvements include:

  • Collaboration features
    • Nextcloud Talk, a private videoconference software integrated with Nextcloud
      • real-time and asynchronous communication with push notifications, calls and chat web and mobile devices
      • Integration in business workflow with calendar invitations and calls directly from Nextcloud Files
      • Screen and note sharing with participant moderation capabilities
      • 100% secure peer-to-peer, end-to-end encrypted calls, mediated by self-hosted server
    • auto-completion of user names in comments and notification to the mentioned user
    • support free/busy scheduling in native calendar applications like Thunderbird Lightning
    • show meeting invites in the calendar
  • End-to-End Encryption
    • can encrypt data on a per-folder level rather than all-or-nothing approach
    • does not require users to remember or exchange passwords
    • does not require re-uploading data upon sharing
    • features an optional off-line administrator recovery key
    • allows full audit logging
    • can be combined with our File Access Control feature so administrator can enforce aspects of End-to-end Encryption
    • protects from identity theft with our Cryptographic Identity Protection feature
    This feature is in Tech Preview for Nextcloud 13 and does not yet implement sharing.
  • User Interface
    • new way of selecting files
    • easy way to quickly copy or move to a location
    • High DPI support
    • admin menu integrated in one list
    • no limitation to file uploads via the web interface
    • user quota in the side bar
    • social sharing (Twitter, G+, Facebook, Diaspora) now features a preview
    • improved theming
  • Performance
    • decreased page load times with up to 50% and faster search
    • 80% faster LDAP and up to 10x faster external storage
    • Server-side Encryption performance largely improved
  • Other
    • Support for PHP 7.2
    • Support for PostgreSQL 10