Rebuild Debian repository for Debian Stretch (oldstable) and Buster(stable)






Today I rebuild Debian repository for Debian Stretch (oldstable) and Buster(stable), in new repositroy is included:

  • binary package
  • orginal source package
  • debian build package
  • file describes a source package

Think this repository needs to be more transparent and open to collaboration and for that reason git repository will be available soon where you will be able to contribute.

Debian 9 Stretch in own package for php use version 7.0.33 and Nextcloud 15 work because it does not require a newer version of php. End of life for Nextcloud 15 comming in 2019-12. It is strong recommended to upgrade on Debian 10 Buster in this month.

I build package for Debian 10 Buster and atm. work with Nextcloud 17, table of supported versions by release of Debian:

Package Debian Release Version
nextcloud-server Stretch 15.0.13
nextcloud-server Buster 17.0.1

Before any action (Upgrade OS or Nextloud) make backup of Nextcloud server. I'm not responsible for interruption of work or loss of data. Backup can save lot time and data. Check documentation on:

Best way is new clean installation of Debian 10 (buster) and install nextcloud-server package from .


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